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Woodroffe Bassett Design (WBD) is one of the best-known and most prolific lighting design brands operating in the world of entertainment and architecture today. 

WBD was established by respected designers Patrick Woodroffe and Adam Bassett, who have long been celebrated for their pioneering design work with touring rock shows and theatre productions respectively. In 2019, Terry Cook, a long-standing and very experienced member of the team, joined Patrick and Adam as a Partner and is now working as one of their leading designers.


Together, WBD work for an unrivalled who’s who network of clients globally and is a thriving creative practice focused on providing dynamic, intelligent and often breath-taking lighting design projects across a broad range of genres. 

Since inception, WBD has seen few boundaries in its artistic ambition and currently provides a full creative service across multiple entertainment and architectural sectors and projects with equal skill and integrity.

WBD now comprises a core team of agile and experienced multi-disciplinary and specialist designers, lighting directors, programmers, lighting assistants, logistics and planning experts. 

They in turn are supported by a global network of handpicked associates, who bring the very best in skill and experience. This means the WBD team can quickly reconfigure to provide exactly the right skills and personalities for each and every project they are asked to do.

The WBD team is experienced in working with high profile clients across all lighting disciplines and can interpret and deliver any brief, detailed or otherwise, ensuring the client’s vision is protected and creative ambition often exceeded.


“Our role is as much about understanding the client, their motivation and the personalities of the various stakeholders involved in the project, as it is about the design. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with the aspirations and needs of our clients to maximise the creative outcome, at each stage of a project.”
Adam Bassett

“Collaborating with artists, designers, directors and producers to bring their performances and creations to life with light, is a marvellous way to earn a living. We love our jobs!”
Patrick Woodroffe

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